Thursday, July 22, 2010

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Well, here's yet another gaming blog, except this one's mine. This is for prattle about pen & paper roleplaying games (mainly D&D 3.5 since that's my main system), though I may ramble about other geek-related topics sometimes.

The first order of business, and the impetus for starting this blog? Well, the podcast 3.5 Private Sanctuary has an ongoing a Class Feature series which analyzes various classes starting with the core classes and then fanning out into other sourcebooks at a rate of two classes per month, interspersed with their standard topics. There were three restrictions on what classes they review: They must come from sources they have access to, they can't be setting-specific, and they can't use alternate mechanical systems. So, that means no psionics, incarnum, tomes, Artificer, or Dread Necromancer (they don't have Heroes of Horror, but Archivist is in the free excerpt on WotC's site). They feel they don't have the experience with the alternate systems required to do them justice.

So, I'm picking up where they're leaving off (or... will have left off once they finish... or something). Once a week (unless plans change, expect hiatuses as this is a busy time in my life), I intend to put out a write-up on one class that they're not covering. The list is as follows:

Ardent, Artificer, Binder, Crusader, Divine Mind, Dread Necromancer, Erudite, Incarnate, Lurk, Psion, Psychic Rogue, Psychic Warrior, Shadowcaster, Soulborn, Soulknife, Swordsage, Totemist, Truenamer, Warblade, Wilder.

That's twenty classes. I'm not sure what order I'll go in, but the Tome of Battle classes will need a primer or two, so they'll likely come later. The first class I'm gonna tackle will probably be Shadowcaster. I may begin with the real turkeys (Shadowcaster, Truenamer, Divine Mind, Soulknife, Soulborn) just to get them out of the way, but we'll see.

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